Yoga Booty challenge(2021) -Debashree Dutta

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Today we have a home practice yoga that’s gonna tone the core and the booty. So this is a big request, having a little fun with it. We’re bringing the yogic perspective to a video that tones the core and helps you get the booty. Let’s have some fun. Hop into something comfy and let’s … Read more

boost your immune system Perfect Review(2020)Debashree Dutta

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To day I will talk about immune system.Find yourself a quiet place to sit where you will not be disturbed turn off your cell phone and dim the lights know that as you sit in this meditation . Your body is being cleansed and healed your body is receiving a boost to its immune system … Read more

Hemorrhoids Best Horror Healed(2021)Debashree Dutta

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Hemorrhoids is kind of a misnomer sometimes. Everyone actually has hemorrhoids. It’s a contributing factor to the natural mechanism we use to control our bowel movements. It’s when they become symptomatic that people quote, unquote say, “They have hemorrhoids“. And that’s when they’re having symptoms from it. Those symptoms can be bleeding, pain, irritation, a … Read more