Pregnancy Miracle (2021)-Debashree Dutta

Today I’m going to be talking about an e-book that I think has become quite popular over the internet. It’s called the pregnancy miracle by Lisa Olson. now you know I’m going to talk about my own personal experience with it.

You know kind of why I was looking at it. I’ve treated fertility for a number of years. I loved treating ,I love helping couples conceive and I’m alway slooking for new material in different books to refer my patients to and then when I turned 40, you know I’d never had a child before I got married and I wanted to start a family and I knew that you know for me to be able to conceive naturally .

I needed to have all the you know tips that I could you know get and so of course outside of using acupuncture and herbs I started looking at different things online and offline and as I came across a pregnancy miracle .

I have to say that the sales page the pitch page with all the testimonials on it and the fact that Lisa Olson she struggled I think you know don’t quote me if I think this tool shows 44 wasn’t able to have a pregnancy and then there was some miracle that was revealed to her that you know when she kind of sorted that out she was able to have not one.

But two healthy children and so and then there’s some testimonials on there that are quite impressive the whole sales page .

I really had to check it out because it was any significance you know I would pass it on to my patients and so my purchase pregnancy miracle last year and I have to say you know I think that the e-book is like gosh .

I have to look back I think it’s like 136 pages it’s a lot of fluff you know they talk about she talks about the anatomy which you know. I think all of this is helpful and I’m not trying to totally dissuade you from buying this book.

But I one of the things that I find as a woman who at 41 was trying to conceive for the first time and I work with women who are on the mature side trying to have a baby for the first time or even young women who are struggling.

You really kind of want to only read information that’s really going to be a value and there is some value in this book what the pregnancy miracle .

I think ends up being you know . I don’t know what the what the miraculous thing was but she does talk about a lot a lot a lot about acupuncture and herbs and I do agree acupuncture and herbs is phenomenal for helping women conceive.

But she goes into like herbal formulas and different acupuncture points and for a layman who doesn’t have that kind of training. It’s not really that helpful you know to learn all these Chinese her names and I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with that information outside of going to an acupuncturist who if they’re familiar with treating infertility will already have some acupuncture formulas to recommend to their patients.

No point formulas so she goes oh into a lot of detail about point formulas acupuncture point formulas and Chinese herb formulas and about the anatomy and what are some reasons why you know couples can’t conceive.

she talks about unexplained infertility and then she does recommend vitamins but even the way that she recommends vitamins. It’s very like you need this nutrient by this particular vitamin.

It’s almost like issue recommending that you buy 50 different vitamins maybe I’m just mis understood that part but it’s like she links you to all these separate vitamins that I think would be extremely overwhelming .

I personally could not take all those vitamins and I don’t think that you need to take all these separate vitamins to help conceive now if you are struggling to get pregnant you know.

I did actually find a program that I found quite valuable. I recommend it to my patients it helps so much .I used it myself you know to help get pregnant and along with acupuncture herbs and it was really invaluable.

so the pregnancy miracle I guess if I was going to rate it I you know there is some information on there that I don’t think it would be a total waste of time or money to buy it because even if you gleamed a couple pearls of wisdom from it then it would be worth your time.

But I find it kind of user unfriendly a lot of information kind of piled together and at the end of the day like for you to really take that information and then use it to you know get to the end means and that means you know having a happy healthy baby.

I think it’s sort of a jumbled process so sorry you know that’s kind of just my two cents on it but there are some great books out there on acupuncture and using acupuncture for fertility is like there’s a great book that came out from a fertility specialist Sammy Davis.

He’s a fertility specialist out of New York and he teamed up with an acupuncturist Jill blake way and they wrote a book called making babies that one’s phenomenal and then you know there’s other books like taking charge of your fertility talks about tracking your basal body temperature and it goes into great detail about it .

All you don’t mention these over in my blog and then there’s a program that I found phenomenal women who use it have had about an 80% success rate.

It talks about it goes through everything and even go through like visualizations that you do every night to help with the conception process. I highly recommend that on could recommend the pregnancy miracle too but I just I can’t stand behind it .

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