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If you are a coach, you have a training business. Moving some or all of this business online can be a smart move.There are three huge benefits to becoming an online fitness trainer:

  • Help more people
  • Make more money
  • Have more freedom

But before you can jump, there are a few things you need to know: 7 things to be exact.

I learned these 7 game-changing lessons during my transition from personal fitness trainer to an online fitness trainer.

  1. Create content for your audience, not for peers.
    It’s tempting to target your posts and videos at your fellow fitness professionals. This is how you learned when you first started and now want to add your ideas and opinions to the mix.

But if your goal is to help Ricky lose weight, you should stop discussing CrossFit or fasting cardio online.

Because Ricky doesn’t care, Ricky wants abs.

What will they see when they look at your content? Will you see evidence that you understand his problems and want to help him achieve his goals? Or will you see a coach trying to impress his teammates or score points against people with whom he disagrees?

Anything you write should be addressed to the people you want to help. Choose a theme, format, and voice for that audience.

  1. Seek help and advice.
    A few years ago, I booked a one-way flight to New York for an internship with John Romaniello and never looked back. Roman had a career that I wanted, and I decided to learn everything I could from him.

I know this is an extreme example, but there are easier ways to communicate and learn from potential mentors.

The first step is to identify the person whose career you enjoy. Therefore, you need to find out what you can before you approach them. Did they write articles or posts about how they got started? Do you have a book or product with a step-by-step plan for success?

Once you know as much as possible about its history and process, you need to figure out how to access it. Do you offer coaching services or lead a group of thinkers? If so, they are waiting for you to join.

If not, or if personal coaching is outside your price range, consider how you can be of service to the person without being a pest, flatterer, or eccentric.

Are there any new products you can add with a detailed and enthusiastic review? Can you volunteer to help with a workshop, boot camp, or another live event?

Is there a skill you can suggest to complement what they do?

The worst approach is to ask for help without any previous experience with the person. Even if this person is known for helping coaches on their rise in the industry, they cannot build relationships based on their need to get something without considering the other person’s needs or motivation.

Focus on giving, and you will be surprised how much you get.

  1. Practice what you preach.
    All online and offline trainers are judged on their appearance. It sucks, and it isn’t fair. Many highly qualified trainers look bad. And many complete idiots break out of their (empty) minds.

But there is the logic in this. With most of your client’s set goals based on appearance, it’s natural to assume that a coach with their aspiring physique knows how to help them achieve them.

An online coach can win people over with her charisma and empathy, and of course, nothing speaks louder than impressive customer conversions. But it’s hard to get clients to give you a shot when there is no connection between your look and your experience.

Clients who want to be lean and muscular are unlikely to hire a trainer who is not lean and muscular. Weight loss clients don’t expect them to tear you apart (and might get scared if you do), but they expect you to look healthy and represent their goals.

Work hard and get in better shape.

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  1. Clear your social calendar.
    Be prepared to work hard at the beginning of your transition from the gym to the Internet.Writing, recording videos, and posting to social media takes time. And if you’re trying to build an online presence while keeping a full set of clients at the gym, you must embrace a cheating mentality. Other parts of your life should be given lower priority for a while.

You can still get it all, but not now.

5.Bet on your strengths

If you’re good with the camera, head to YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you are a great conversationalist and a good interviewer, consider creating a podcast or becoming a regular guest on a famous show.

Do what allows you to present your ideas, personality, and value to the target audience.

  1. Train influencers
    An influencer is anyone with followers, and if you are the person they turn to for online coaching, you have instant verification.

Think of it from the prospect’s perspective – if they see an ad for your mentoring or a promoted post on social media, they probably won’t notice.

But if someone you know and respect talks about you and shows fantastic results from your plan, they immediately become interested.

But how do you find a celebrity to work out?

You’re not likely to catch the next Brad Pitt and tip him for Fight Club 2: More Nihilism Adventure with Tyler and Marla.

7.Find unique or underutilized distribution channels

Try new apps and use them initially that is, in a way that shows a genuine interest in helping others on the platform. Don’t try to pressure people with your services or get them to contact you on their own.

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