Guardian Angel Personalized System That Will SURPRISE You 2023

Looking for more information on the Guardian Angel Personalized System and whether this is legitimate? This system teaches members how to communicate with Archangels whenever they need guidance or support. Members can see archangels when they appear as animals during their “normal” days, giving them hope and assuring them that they are on the right track.

Guardian Angel Personalized System

With a personalized Guardian Angel system, we can now start each week with “eyes wide open” from our messages so that we can monitor the opportunities they send us – and avoid any obstacles they may see.

All this can happen to you (as it already happens to those who have finally managed to communicate with their angels through the same portal) once you have the book, meditation, support and daily messages in hand.

We all have a lot to recognize. However, many people begin to lose hope when they reach a certain age – usually over 40, but sometimes even at 20.

 The intelligent choices they have made in the past, I feel they have to accept much less than they hoped for themselves and their loved ones.

This statement above is a solid fact – it determines the well-being of most human beings.

The Guardian Angel system was created especially for people over 40 in such a situation. It was invented by the enlightened couple – Rick and Liz Thompson – after many years of research around the world. The need for this arose after they went through the turmoil of their lives to find a way out of it.

The system helps us connecting with the three angels who watch over us and every day. 

What you will learn in the personalized Guardian Angel system?

Co-author Ric Thompson found evidence to believe that each of us has three different angels assigned at birth.If you want to know the three angels who watch over you from birth, you must enter your name, surname and date of birth on the Ric website.

According to the author, there are three types of angels watching over you:

Angel guides the way of life: this angel has a message about challenges, triumphs and lessons in our lives. The angel who guides our way of life can tell us what opportunities we will have shortly.

Angel Akashic: This angle recognizes our personal history. An angel in charge of this task can tell us things about our past that prevent us from achieving maximum success.

Guardian Angel: This angel seeks to overcome the challenges we face in life as they arise. We can communicate with this angel to find the best way to deal with your love, family, or business problems. We can use this angel to overcome future challenges in your near future.

The personalized guardian angel does not only contain information about the three angels.

Instead, we learn how to reach us using prayers and prayers that you can use to communicate with these angels anytime, anywhere.

Duels, enchantments and prayers are less than half a page long, so we can write and recite them whenever or wherever we want.

What do you get in a custom Guardian Angel system?

After accessing this program, you will get:

  • Three Personal Reports on Angels: These reports give us insight into the three angels commissioned at our birth to watch over us. Our angels have powerful messages for us, which are shared with us when we communicate with them.
  • Prayer and Prayer: The best way to communicate with our angels is through special prayers and sincere prayers. This book contains personal prayers and prayers that we use to communicate with our angels. That’s how we find out what they want to tell us.
  • MP3 guided meditation audio: A great way to connect with our angels is to listen to the guided meditation audio track. This voice was recorded by a lady named Catherine because she has a gift from God and can connect angels to us humans.
  • Archangel messages to you: Every Sunday, we receive a message that a team of like-minded people works behind the scenes to break the code and send it to us.

About the authors

Rick and Liz Thompson go through a painful phase in their lives when they set out to discover what can help them in the quantum world.

An old lady told them how the ancient mortals would have taken their help to live a happy and meaningful life, no matter how lucky they were.

The old lady gave them a list of prayers and supplications. Then Rick and Liz use it alone to reconnect with their angels and overcome their financial debts.

Surprised by the results, they tested this secret knowledge with a few other people they knew who were also to blame. They have found that prayer only works if we use the right ways to communicate with our angels.

During their research for more than a decade in a dozen countries on four continents – talking to seers, sages and clairvoyants, they discovered many other metaphysical origins that worked wonderfully for them. They have an enormous responsibility to serve and share humanity.

This is the story behind the personalized Guardian Angel system and the motivations of Ric and Liz.

The sole purpose of this program is to help people who deserve and deserve to connect with their angels.

You may eventually discover the three angels on a similar journey. But Ric and Liz have provided this process by sharing accurate prayers and prayers that we can use to communicate with our angels – saving us years, effort, and even money.

About Guardian Angel

In this program, we will look at the example of the writer Madeline. From this, you will find out your destiny and how to convey the message that the Archangel is trying to convey to you. From birth, archangels have been following her but have not yet communicated with her in person.

To get the most out of your angelic communication, it is advisable to look at the meditation provided in the report, which you can read or listen to, depending on your preferences.

This software helps you communicate fully with your archangels so that you can finally hear the instructions and secret messages they keep only for you. But first, you need to know your three angels personally; It looks great, doesn’t it? In this case, the three angels of the author.

These three angels choose you on the day you were born, based on exactly how the heavens were aligned at that time. This is why it is so easy to locate them, reversing the process once you know your date of birth, full name at birth and initials. The three angels who have chosen to watch over Magdalene are;

  • The path of life leads the Archangel.
  • Archangel Akashic.
  • Guardian angel.

Guardian Angel Pros :

  • Connecting with the Guardian Angel: The main goal of the custom Guardian Angel system is to connect your connections with your true Guardian Angels. By knowing, understanding, and listening to our guardian angel, we can solve most of life’s problems more efficiently.
  • It helps us to discover the true purpose of our life: guardian angels not only help us solve problems but also put us on the right path to fulfilment and alignment with the universe and thus, as a consequence, the joy that can last in us ( not transient, transient, fragile elevations, which also leave us in a state of Collapse).
  • Created by experienced authors: this system was created by authors who solved their difficulties and problems with the help of these three guardian angels. We can ask them questions, and they can give us answers that reveal the meaning of our existence, nature, and purpose.
  • Make a prayer to call angels for help: The authors, Rick and Liz Thompson spend more than ten years discovering the prayers. You can choose the right job, career and life partner to lead a happy life with the help of these angels.
  • Portable digital format: This system comes in an e-book format, allowing people to read it and carry this e-book on their phones, iPods or laptops and read it whenever they have free time.

Guardian Angel Cons

  • The results may vary: We are all unique. The success of this program depends on how regularly and seriously we use the prayers and other resources that Rick and Liz offer us.
  • It is a personalized program with prayers specific to our needs. We have been called to be our guardian angels who protect and care for us.
  • Practice and commitment required: We do not reach our guardian angels in just a day or two. As with anything worthwhile, we should give him at least a few minutes each day to continue to pray regularly. Our guardian angels will soon appear.

According to the authors, the guardian angels will come in the form of a living creature we have seen before – an animal such as a horse, a dog or a bird.

Who can use Guardian Angel?

This program can be used by anyone who wants to communicate with the Archangels to know the message that these angels carry for them. This is very important because archangels can give you the strength to go through difficult situations quickly. This is especially true if you know how to communicate with Archangels. To get update information follow my social media.

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