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In this artical we are going to talk about signs of Archangel .Michaelso Archangel Michael is of course the archangel of protection, of divine will,he carries the beautiful solar light and is so powerful anytime .

You’re dealing with negativity you’re trying to quiet your mind or you need protection in some sort of way. Archangel Michael is the Archangel to call upon and of course he’s available for so much more his roles and the service he offers really is vast.

He has an complete legion of angels who work at once with him who guide him in his work and mission and apparently due to the fact Archangel Michael connects to us thru the Sun and is without delay concerned with humanity.

He is one of the easiest of the Archangels to hear to feel and to connect with so if you haven’t, I would recommend asking for help and guidance protection love from Archangel Michael because asking is of course the key to his stepping forward and making himself known to you .

But when you ask Archangel Michael helped me ,Archangel Michael protect me ,Archangel Michael guide me, Archangel Michael assist me in my life.

Wow just saying that for this artical now I feel his presence come in so let’s talk signs the first sign I want to share is feeling the presence of Archangel Michael.

When Archangel Michael steps forward to me his energy feels so uplifting it makes my entire body sort of tingle and glow with light when he is protecting .

You would possibly sense like you actually ,have an orb of mild round you, protective you and when he steps ahead to information you, you would possibly sense that identical tingling and heat of Archangel Michael.

He is an archangel out of the Sun and he carries the electric-blue fire so warmth tingling sensation and just feeling angelic energy which is beyond words, of course and trying to explain it is nearly impossible .

But tingling warmth glowing just feeling so incredibly loved uplifted is a clear sign that Archangel Michael is indeed with you has answered your request and is assisting you in your life number two flashes of light as I mentioned Archangel Michael is deeply connected to the Sun and carries the energy of electric blue fire .

So anytime you are connecting with Archangel Michael the likelihood of seeing flashes of light sparkles of light on the water blue orbs or geometries in your meditations appearing in your mind’s eye or just a light glow or halo that you see is a clear sign of Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael has a way of connecting to humanity through a sort of grid this is how he’s able to connect with all who call upon him at once ,so you might even sort of see this sort of grid of light that is a clear sign that you’re connecting with Archangel Michael .

Number three not everyone is open to feeling or seeing or the first two signs that I’ve mentioned your ego might doubt that and so another sign the Archangel Michael uses because he wants you to know that your request has been heard and that he is assisting you .

so the number third sign is you may start to see images of Archangel Michael here’s an image of Archangel Michael that I think is very recognizable you may see images of swords of warriors of shields any sort of protective imagery or warrior imagery or church sculptures Archangel Michael .

You begin to see these more when you are directly working with the powerful Archangel Michael so that is a huge sign of his presence and the fourth sign that Archangel Michael is really with you and assisting you and guiding you and protecting you and supporting you is that you begin to hear guidance.

This may come through your inner sense of hearing your audience your inner voice you may just begin to have thoughts that are empowering that are supportive that remind you that you’re safe that remind you that you’re loved and remind you that you are okay this is a big sign of the presence of Archangel Michael especially when this happens shortly .

After you’ve asked for guidance or protection or support from Michael now hearing guidance as a sign of Archangel Michael can also come through overhearing little bits or snippets of other people’s conversations .

So you might have asked Archangel Michael a specific question and then you’re walking down the street and you past the cafe and as you go by you hear the other person a say yeah Michael that’s great and actually use the word Michael .

Do you start to hear the word Michael more this is a beautiful sign and validation also you may hear that other person say some guidance that answers your question .

So they may say yeah you really should eat healthier or no walk home the other way or just anything else when you hear guidance but you feel that it’s meant for you trust that and take that as a sign of Archangel Michael.

Okay final your fifth sign of Archangel Michael is that you feel protected. you feel like someone is watching over you. you feel like you’re being guided supported uplifted and most importantly protected when Archangel Michael connects directly with you .

He does place this seal this or a light around you and it feels so supportive so empowering you of course do you have to be sensitive to beable to feel that so if you’re not feeling it, don’t judge yourself or say that you’re not connected with Archangel Michael just begin to pay attention when you ask Archangel Michael to step forward .

Do you feel like you’re being watched over do you feel supported if you’re walking home and you turn down the wrong Street and it’s dark and you feel a little sketched out and you think or say Archangel Michael protect me now and then you feel a little better trust that he has indeed stepped forward to assist you on your path .

In that moment and always remember to invite in the presence of not only Archangel Michael but your personal team of guides and angels of light and love who can most serve support health and assist you in your life .

I hope that these signs of Archangel Michael have been helpful for you to know and helpful for you in recognizing that when you ask you are indeed as the stead remember to be open to how the guidance unfolds trust your owninner guidance trust your intuition if you find a butterfly sticker on the ground and you feel like that’s a sign from Archangel Michael.

It probably is listen to your inner guidance because of that is where the angels will begin to connect with you and trust listen act and know that you’re so loved and supported by Archangel Michael .

By all of the angels of love and light in the higher realms .okay I hope this artical is helpful for you again comment below if you enjoyed it or really comment with other signs that you recognize to be from Archangel Michael .

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